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Who We Are?

We are consumer electronic expert’s for over 10 years (Since 2008) With experience in bringing innovative consumer products Across the globe.
We strive to provide high quality products along with superb customer service.
We maintain our research and development efforts to provide superior consumer electronic products that truly stand out from our competitors. Our philosophy of bringing innovations and technologies in accessible consumer products enabled us to be positioned as A world class company you can trust.

Smart, Yet Simple!

“Tomorrows technology with yesterdays simplicity!”
We specialize in Distraction – Free personal electronic devices.
Manufacturing : MP3 Players, Portable and Desktop Speakers, Tablets, Audio Players, Headphones, Game consoles, Hi Fi music and Accessories

The Quality we Stand By

We stand by our products. Each item we create is done with the Highest quality to ensure dependable use. Every product is backed by us 100% , with our no questions asked Manufacturers warranty.

Our Vision

Is to bring the latest technology while maintaining our goal of keeping Keep things as simple as possible.

Thanks for choosing SAMVIX, you won't regret it!

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